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GPS Kids Smart Tracking Watch

No more fear for lost children / smart watch to locate children.


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Children wear the smartwatch, you can track where they are.

Monitor a conversation if needed and it has a virtual fence when children go out of reach.


Losing a child is the most terrible thing that can happen to any parent. The grief it causes is unimaginable.


A child locator watch can be worn by children, making it look like just another accessory, but actuality, it's a child monitoring device that can track a child’s whereabouts as well as allow parents to set up a virtual fence or safe zone for their kids. This particular tracking ability will provide relief to parents as they will receive an instant alert the moment their child leaves assigned safe zones.


Tracking children with GPS has plenty of benefits mainly in the safety department.

While there are GPS trackers that are wearable, other miniature devices can be attached to backpacks and jackets or slipped into pockets.


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Not only will it help you keep track of your kids while in crowded places, other benefits of GPS tracking for children include the following:



Keeps track of children in case of abduction

Allows children more freedom while being watched

Monitors children with special needs who wander

Helps monitor children with behavioral problems

Gives peace of mind to parents


You would be surprised that every 40 seconds a child becomes missing or kidnapped. Only 24% of the time is the child kidnapped by someone unknown by the family. The rest of the time, your child is kidnapped by someone you already know … Another harsh reality is that 74%of murdered children are killed within the first three hours after abduction


Some trackers also allow your child to reach out to you if there's an emergency.


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